Liverpool Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust and Wakefield Metropoloitan District Council Go Live!

Our on-boarding team have been busy over the last few weeks making sure two new contracts were ready to go live with our CES solution, TCES Community. There are many fundamentals that need to be considered before a software go live, including successful data transfer from previous systems. Our on-boarding team work closely with a service and ensure any legacy data is always migrated over. All new contracts are assisted throughout ensuring data is cleansed and complete consolidation is achieved.

Liverpool's Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust and Wakefield Metropolitan District Council successfully transitioned over to TCES Community on the 28th February and 1st March and the team here at CSS couldn't be happier. Both contracts are using the front and back end of TCES ensuring orders are fulfilled in an efficient manner and equipment is always traceable through advanced labelling and barcoding technology. TCES Community will manage the operations throughout both services for at least 4 years.



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